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Personal Care Attendant/Certified Nursing Assistant



    Personal Care Attendants provide service to   individuals in their own homes and    communities, who need assistance caring for    themselves as a result of old age, sickness,  disability and/or other inflictions. Personal  Care may include assistance with the    activities  of daily living, housecleaning,  laundry, meal  preparation, transportation,  companionship and  respite.



Knowledge of personal care and home management skills. 
Knowledge of principles and processes for providing client and personal care services, including needs determinants, meeting quality standards and evaluation of client satisfaction. 
Knowledge of the English language. 
Knowledge of the information and techniques needed to diagnose and treat injuries including emergency first aid and CPR. 
Knowledge of clerical procedures such as maintaining records and completing forms.

 Required Skills/Abilities

   • The ability to competently assist clients with their activities of daily living

   • The ability to be aware of other people’s reactions and understanding why they react as they do

    • The ability to identify problems and determine effective solutions

    • The ability to apply reason and logic to identify strengths and weaknesses of possible solutions 

    • The ability to monitor and assess themselves, clients and effectiveness of service

   •The ability to determine or recognize when something is likely to go wrong

   • The ability to perform activities that use the whole body

   • The ability to handle and move objects and people

   • The ability to observe and recognize changes in clients

At PremierChoice we seek the very best in the industry.

All applicants must have excellent interpersonal skills, the ability to communicate effectively in both oral and written form, the ability to think quickly and a strong work ethic. Applicants should display at all times an expertise in their skills and professionalism. Prior Home Health or Private Care Agency Experience preferred. MUST pass background, drug screening, auto insurance and have reliable transportation. In addition to the above listed qualifications, each position has a specific set of skills and requirements. Please see below for scope specific details.

PremierChoice is always looking for qualified....

Registered Nurse



    The Registered Nurse coordinates all  aspects of the client's home care and interacts  with other disciplines as needed.  He/she  provides professional care to the client, as  indicated by Agency policies, State and  Federal laws/ regulations.  In-home,  admission visits and eligibility determinations  are part of the RN' duties, as is the  development of the Care Plan. The RN also  prepares paperwork necessary for Agency  policies and federal/state laws and assists  with the training and supervision of Care  Aides.

 Required Skills/Abilities

  • Establishes and maintains harmonious relations with clients/families/co-workers.
  • Makes initial nursing assessment visits.
  • Assesses both physical and psychological needs of clients and applies the appropriate nursing interventions.
  • Initiates, coordinates & revises treatment plans.
  • Evaluates clients' needs continually.
  • Observes and recognizes changes in clients.
  • Gives considerations to client's past experiences, finances and other resources.
  • Render nursing care and perform treatments, such as iv administration, as ordered by the physician
  • Maintain confidentiality of information relating to client.
  • Copes effectively with clients, families and all others with varying backgrounds, socioeconomic conditions, and value judgments.
  • Applies well-developed communication skills.
  • Observes accurately and make decisions accordingly.
  • Can supervise others.
  • Displays emotional stability and has a sympathetic disposition.
  • Maintains objectivity in coping with the stress of working with acute, chronic and terminally ill clients.
  • Uses cognizant approaches to problem solving in delivering client care.
  • Possesses ingenuity to handle medical and situational emergencies.​
  • Works alone without usual support systems immediately available.
  • Deals with abrupt schedule changes.
  • Participates in the quality assurance/quality improvement process.
  • Prepares accurate, timely and orderly reports & documentation.
  • Complies with accepted professional standards and principles.​
  • Provides satisfactory references from previous (or current) employers and/or nursing school, and professional peers.
  • Uses excellent observation, good clinical judgment, and good oral and written communication skills.
  • Is self-directed with the ability to work with little supervision; has good organizational skills.